NormLifter 2500 A

NormLifter® 2500 A

The single boom NormLifter 2500A is especially designed for the setting of heavy support arches. Lifting loads of up to 2.500 kg at working heights up to 11,9 m are the outstanding features of this type of machine.

The pivoting telescopic lifting boom as well as the turnable and inclinable working platform in combination with the multi directional support manipulator allow a flexibility which was unknown before.

Thereby intelligent systems avoid tilting and overloading.

In tunnelling these machines are indispensible for the setting of heavy support arches, for all kinds of assembly work in the roof- and wall areas, as well as for the filling of blastholes and the setting of roofbolts.

Single boom NormLifters are available in weight classes from 500 thru 2.500 kg.



GTA NormLifter 2500A GB 2017 1NormLifter® 2500 A: Mobile elevating work platform with support manipulator

Date 08.02.2017
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