MultiRipper 220

MultiRipper 220

The MultiRipper 220 is a wireless remote controled machine for multiple purposes. It is specially developed and designedthat to fulfill the requirements in tunneling. Driven by a diesel engine or an electric motor, the MultiRipper 220 can be moved to its jobsite easily. Even in the most confined tunnels, highest maneuverability  is granted due its crawler tracks.

Equipped with a hydraulic hammer, a rotary drumm cutter, a ripping bucket or any other tool, the Multi Ripper 220 is able to perform in a variety of tasks. Because of the wireless remote control, the operator can act from a secured area, while he has optimal view to the working area . 

The extremely powerful turret, as well as the extremely robust boom can be rotated continuously by 360°. This allows an optimum performance, even in challenging positions. For example crosscuts can be opened with the MultiRipper 220 while it is positioned parallel to the tunnel axis and near to the sides. This ensures that the regular traffic that happens in tunnels, will not be disturbet in any kind.


  • extreme robust design
  • continious 360°rotation of turret and boom
  • very compact meassurements
  • wireless remote controlled
  • multipurposal use

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