Multifunctional Basket 8200

Multifunctional Basket 8200

The Multifunctional Basket 8200 was developed for use in tunnel driving operations and features a work basket that allows all work required under the roof and at the face to be performed from a secure base. Optional arch lifting devices or shotcrete manipulators can be added to increase the number of possible applications.

The machine is suspended from and travels on an I 140 E rail underneath the roof. Telescopic bracing supports provide the necessary stability when in use.

Hydraulic cylinders allow the work basket to be raised and lowered, swivelled to the side and moved longitudinally in the direction of tunnel advance. In addition, the work basket has a telescopic boom to extend the working range of the machine. All parts of the tunnel cross-section can be accessed without difficulty to perform the work required.

An 11 kW electrohydraulic pump unit provides the hydraulic supply.



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