GTA - Bridge 7500

GTA - Bridge 7500

The new GTA - Bridge 7500 was specially developed for driving the Sedrun section of the St Gotthard Base Tunnel.

The Sedrun section is characterised by squeezing rock and thus calls for special tunnel construction measures. Besides the insertion of a variety of roofbolts and the placing of shotcrete to secure and consolidate, a flexible system of steel arch supports known from the German hard coal mining industry is also installed. The steel arch support has a maximum diameter of 13 m and a weight per metre of 44 kg. The secure and efficient installation of the supports is the principal job of the GTA - Bridge 7500.



Streckenausbaumaschine 7500 EN 1The GTA Bridge 7500 is suspended from and travels on a twin overhead rail track. This construction makes operating on two working levels during tunnelling driving operations possible.

Date 13.02.2017
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