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In the mining industry our focus is roadway development in underground hard coal operations. The deployment of GTA machines permits efficient, safe and economic roadway development.

The machines perform the following tasks, for example:


  • Setting steel arch supports
  • Drilling blastholes
  • Installing roof bolts
  • Installing pipes and overhead rails
  • Providing a platform for work performed in roadway development

The equipment developed by GTA is largely geared towards machines that are suspended from and travel on overhead rails. These machines work in the upper part of the roadway cross-section, which we refer to as the ′upper level′.

GTA products led to the ′upper level′ being introduced in national and international roadway development.

The use of this ′upper level′ permits the separation and parallelisation of work procedures and offers great potential for safety, labour-saving and performance enhancement.

Roadway Support Machines

Roadway Support Machines

Roadway Support Machines are deployed for the installation of steel arch supports when driving underground roadways. The machines essentially consist of a support-setting device and a work platform, with the support-setting device placing the roof bars or an entire roof-bar canopy. The work platform is used as storage space for the remaining support material required, such as props, lagging, bolts, clamps, etc. and also serves as a secure base for all jobs that have to be performed at the roadhead, such as setting props, bolting together clamps, installing lagging, bolting, back-filling, etc.

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