Multifunctional Basket 8200

Multifunctional Baskets

Multifunctional Baskets are primarily used in conjunction with floor-bound drilling units for the insertion of roof bolts in underground roadway development operations.

Multifunctional Basket 6200

Ankerstandbühne 6200The Multifunctional Basket 6200 is a secure and ergonomic platform for the insertion of roof bolts with lagging in bolted roadways. Its lightweight design means the machine can be suspended from and travel on an overhead track rail made up of three-metre-long I 140 E rails.


Multifunctional Basket 8200

Ankerstandbühne 8200The Multifunctional Basket 8200 is a new development based on the tried-and-tested technology of the multifunctional basket 6200. In addition, however, the Multifunctional Basket 8200 is able to negotiate curves and reaches a larger working area thanks to its telescopic boom, thus enabling it to be used in curves and roadway junctions.



Produktinformation Ankerstandbühne 8200Ankerstandbühne 8200

Die GTA - Ankerstandbühne 8200 bietet einen sicheren Stand für alle im Streckenvortrieb anfallenden Arbeiten.




Date 16.11.2016
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