Tunnelausbaumaschine TAM 7500A

The TAM 7500A is suspended at two „I 140 E“ overhead monorail tracks at the tubbing rings and is moved by a GTA monorail walking mechanism. An additional rail track is suspended at the side for the transport unit.

The TAM 7500A has two booms. These booms are mounted separately in two guideways, where they can be moved backwards and forwards. To be able to bear the manipulator and handle the segments in all possible positions, one of the booms is designed as a heavier version.

Two roof plates, placed in front of the machine, are able to cover a total of 120° of the roof to protect workers and other staff efficiently against possible rock falls in the unsupported area of the tunnel.


  • Working platform on the upper level (two independently operating

    working baskets),

  • Manipulator for moving and setting the tunnel segments,
  • Supporting system against rock fall in the unsupported area and
  • Backfilling system to inject concrete on the tubbing.

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